I’m back…

I’m back from Archon. It was a good, but tiring, weekend. I spent some quality time with folks from all over –the St. Louis artists, the KC in 2009 bid folks, author Mark Tiedemann, the Yard Dog crowd, and some friends/fans from Oklahoma.

The Gateway Convention Center expansion is lovely, and the new space was put to good use. The Archon committee did a great job, as usual.

On a somber note, there were many tears shed and much “smoothing” done in honor of Wilson “Bob” Tucker’s passing.

Next year, Archon will be the 2007 NASFIC, and it will be it the first weekend in August. Hotel rooms will be at a premium, so book yours early. I’ve already reserved mine at the Super 8. I heard rumors that the Fairfield is already sold out.

And I’ve also reserved a table for next year’s Artists’ Alley to share with fellow artist and Noblefusion member Rachel Mayo. At a minimum, it gives us a ringside seat for people watching. If I get really lucky, I’ll actually sell some art.


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