My ConQuesT Schedule…

It’s ConQuesT time again! Here’s my schedule:


  • 2 PM (Pershing) Art Show Opens
  • 8:30 PM (Pershing) Author & Artists Reception


  • 10 AM (Empire 1) Is a blog a fanzine? What are the similarities between a blog and a fanzine and what is different? (My co-panelists will be Diane Turnshek and GOH John Scalzi.)
  • 2 PM (Empire 2) Fast Draw – Pictionary battles among artists. (Come watch me, Rachael Mayo, Marziah Karch scribble. It’ll be fun!)
  • 4 PM (Empire 3) Bubba can you spare a dime? Just where the hell did that come from? (It’s a Yard Dog thing — always a good time!)


  • 11 AM (Empire 1) What makes you think YOU can edit? What does an editor Do? (My co-panelists are John Scalzi, Ellen Datlow, and Selina Rosen. I suspect I’ll be moderating so the real editors can talk about what they do. To be honest, I am an editor, just one you’ve never heard of. I edited a semi-pro SF/F/H e-zine and a couple of chapbooks in the distant past. I continue to critique fiction for my writer’s group, and I write/edit non-fiction at the day job.)
  • 1 PM (Main) Guest of Honor Interview: Ellen Datlow (OMG! I’ll be interviewing our Toastmaster, the multi-award-winning editor Ellen Datlow, in her showcase event. OMG!)
  • 2 PM (Pershing) Yard Dog Press group signing

Don’t forget to stop by the art show and to see my newest paintings….very tiny, but incredibly affordable! And as always, stop by the Yard Dog Press table and Buy My Books!


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