It’s 9:20 a.m. and I’m already pooped. I’ve showered, dressed, and made it as far as the computer. Sigh. I think I’ll work from home today. Maybe I can squeeze in a nap before we go to Starlight. Tonight’s show: “Footloose.” (Why DO they keep making musical theater based on movies?)

I went back to work this week, with limited hours. I didn’t realize how tiring it was, sitting at a desk, shuffling papers, being nice to people. I also started the move from the narcotic painkiller back to my regular anti-inflammatory. That might be why I’m so pooped.

Small victories: I ate a scoop of Sheridan’s custard on Monday evening, with no ill effects. SCORE! Maybe next time, I’ll try the chocolate. I’m still having trouble with chocolate. That is just so wrong.


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