Random Thoughts

Fat and happy — I had a great time with a group of friends at Ixtapa, a true Mexican (not Tex Mex) restaurant on Barry Road. Absolutely YUMMY.

Still Searching — Last week was packed with back-to-back interviews and telephone screenings. This weekend, I sent applications for another batch of openings. Something has to come through for me soon….

Crown me and call me queen — Delta Dental has finally approved the crown the dentist says I need. Looks like I’ll get the work done in late February and early March. Hopefully, I’ll have the extra cash I need to pay for it by then….

Can’t sit still — My doctor has written a statement as to why my arthritis would make it difficult and painful for me to sit quietly and listen to the nice lawyers next month. Now, let’s see if the court system approves it and gives me a pass. It’s hard enough for me to sit still for a two-hour movie these days. Keeping fingers crossed…

More Ebay — I sold my first piece of original art through Ebay this weekend. Yeah! I’m keeping two or three pieces up most of the time now. They are very small — and very affordable! Look for me under the seller name “alli_attic_42”.

Out of tune — I can’t get the Iriver MP3 player I want unless I upgrade my computer to Windows XP, which means new hardware AND new software. I may have to go with the Creative MP3 player. I think it actually works with Windows 2000. Pout.


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One thought on “Random Thoughts

  1. nkcmike

    January 31, 2006 at 1:59pm

    in re Ixtapa

    Glad you liked it! And I’m happy it went off well.

    I heard nothing but praise for the restaurant. Well, almost. Bob expected the mole to be more bitter and now quite so sweet. But that’s about it.

    Ken gave the outing a 9 on a scale of 10, then said there’s never a 10.

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