Spam spam spam spam…

Great. Not only did the new year bring a renewed surge of spam, but I’m getting spam from the future. I kid you not. It’s as if the spammer post-dated his drivel for the week, sent it all last Friday, and took the rest of the week off.


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One thought on “Spam spam spam spam…

  1. jeanerj

    January 6, 2009 at 4:52pm

    Spammers, it can be inferred, have been forced to move to an alternate universe, or at least across the International Date Line, somewhere below the galactic plane. But yeah, I got spam here from next Thursday. Glad to hear that my computer clock isn’t ossified by anxiety attacks. Some spam can be enormously entertaining. And obvious. Like, when I was enrolled for a week as a ‘Neilson Family’, expressing my delight for anything theatrically forensical, and now cyber-academics promise me certain success, riches, and fame as a trained CSI. However, I do not find any of this worrisome, no. The fact that I have the camera/microphone combo for iChat on my computer slathered over with six layers of duct tape is purely coincidental.

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