My SoonerCon Schedule

Here’s my schedule for SoonerCon, June 27-28 in Oklahoma City:

Friday, June 27

3 pm —Tut, Tut Mummy!
Why this strange fascination with the dried-up husks of dead people? You don’t see movie franchises about Mayans or the Inuit. Why have other myth systems been left behind in the (mummy) dust?

5 pm — A Game of Thrones: A Fan’s Addiction (moderator)
Is the series a dark fantasy or rather, a soap opera with swords and incest? Which character do you hate the most? Who should die next (because probably, they will). Panelists discuss everything Game of Thrones from the books to the television series. *Spoilers may be unavoidable

8 pm — Art Reception

Saturday, June 28

11 am — Dragons: Myths Across the Miles
There are two distinct cultural traditions of dragons; the European dragon and the East Asian dragon. How did the legend of the dragon make its way across the continents in the ages of minimal communication and cross-continental travel? What cultural truths can be explained by the similarity of the various dragon myths and forms?

3 pm — Dr. Who: The Anti-Antihero
The Doctor is the best person, er, Timelord ever. Sure, he makes some mistakes but things seem to work out as they were meant to in the end. Is the Doctor’s ultra-goodness his best appeal? What gives him such cross-generational staying power?

4 pm — Yard Dog Press Roadshow

Sunday, June 29

10 am — Koffee Klatch
Meet guests of the convention and enjoy coffee and casual conversation.

12 pm — The Inspired Artist
Artists discuss their real-world inspirations used to create works of SF/F art.

3 pm — Why So Grimm? (moderator)
A gruesome look at the original Grimm’s fairy tales. The dark ’n’ gritty older versions of the folktales that Disney sanitized. Were kids really lulled to sleep hearing about how Cinderella’s stepsisters hacked off their toes to fit the Prince’s slipper?

Making glass gem pins…

Ah, there’s nothing quite like the smell of E-6000* in the morning!

This morning I’ve been making glass pins to wear, to donate to the NFPW Education Fund auction next week, and to sell at Archon next month.

I start with a small image of one of my paintings, apply a glob of glue, then squish the gem into the glob and slide it around until the glue is evenly distributed and the image is centered. The photo shows what it looks like at this stage.

After the glue has had time to cure, I’ll trim the edges, glue on the pin back, and then seal the back and edges with a mat varnish.

Alternatively, I could glue a magnet on the back, in which case I’d skip the varnish.

*silcone-based industrial-strength adhesive

Dragons, Dragons

Archon Orange Dragons 1 and 2, approximately 3×4, watercolor on Arches 140#

Here are two more dragons, doodled while at my artist alley table at Archon/Nasfic in August. If I do this again next year, I really need to bring a lamp. The hallway was dark, and I had trouble seeing what I was doing. Thus, these little guys are a bit gnarly and awkward.

Another Cliff-Dwelling Dragon

Another Cliff-Dwelling Dragon, 15″ x 19″ watercolor on Canson 140#

This is the largest painting I’ve done so far. The background when in quickly and easily, but I labored on the dragon a bit too much. As it stands, this will be my centerpiece in my ConQuesT art show display in late May. He might become a print, as well.

Belly Flop

Belly Flop, 9″x12″ watercolor on 140# Arches

I kinda like this little guy. I might make prints of him. I was afraid I had overworked him, but I think he can be saved. I had used that shade of yellow that doesn’t scan well, so I went back with cadmium yellow and cadmium orange. Also, I lifted off some of the blue to brighten his eyes. I still need to give his smile more definition and touch up his claws with some china white.