Busy busy…

The kids arrived and settled in on Thursday. On Friday, I made a small grocery run and had a much-needed massage appointment. Today, we did the annual “how much food can we stuff into the station wagon” trip to the commissary at Fort Leavenworth. The pantry is indeed full. For now.

This evening I walked into the living room to find the cat happily sprawled, belly down, on my recliner … on the heating pad … which I had accidentally left on. She was absolutely indignant when I insisted that she move. (Hey — it was my turn!)

Personally, I’m really tired of this convalescing thing. I’d like nothing better right now than a good night’s sleep, a day without discomfort, and a good meal that doesn’t disagree with me. Tomorrow is my last “day off” before returning to work. There is so much I never got around to doing — like reformatting those 200 or so documents that I was going to work on “an hour or two a day”. Oops.


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