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  • 10:44 Why did the 2 Canadian geese cross the road? To bring all 6 lanes of morning traffic on Metcalf Ave to a screaming halt. #


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One thought on “I hath tweeted…

  1. nkcmike

    April 28, 2010 at 11:57am

    That happened to me on Renner this a.m. The geese were totally indifferent to cars 100X their size, and just sidled along in no hurry whatsoever.

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  2. dragonet2

    April 29, 2010 at 2:17am

    I would just about

    have another heart attack. Last one was on an early, damp morning a couple of weeks ago (when my start time was still fairly dark) that either mom or papa fox dashed across Broadway and I barely missed hitting it.

    Seriously. A few days before I’d seen what I think is mom trotting across broadway downhill (from liberty memorial to penn valley parks) with what looked like a cub in her mouth–it was curled up like a cub being carried, not limp like a dead squirrel or gosling.

    The geese are as bad as pigeons. Only they output as much poop as a two-year-old child because they eat grass and it’s inefficient.

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