My ConQuesT 2019 Schedule

ConQuesT is my home convention, and it’s always good to see old friends. I’ve been attending ConQuesT since I moved to Kansas City in 1994, and in true fannish tradition, I’ve been helping to run the darn thing ever since. ConQuesT was also my first con art show in 1998! Here’s my programming schedule:

Saturday May 25:

  • 10 am — Story in a Bag
  • 1 pm — Is 13 an unlucky number for Doctor Who?
  • 4 pm — Babylon 5 at 25

Sunday May 26

  • 2:30 pm — My first love: Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Han Solor, Jar Jar?
sketch, art by Allison Stein
sketch, art by Allison Stein


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